OLD – Nice to meet you!

Me & Diego
Hi, I’m Tod, I’m a UX Designer!
But I wasn’t always a UX Designer…
After completing my degree in Product Design I decided to start my career as a teacher. I have taught Product and Graphic Design, I have also taught Art, Textiles Design and even Catering! I’m very proud of all I achieved in teaching, after my second year I became a Head of Subject, a year later a Head of House, two years later an Assistant Head of Department and two years after that a Curriculum Leader! I have also worked with young people with learning difficulties and disabilities in the special needs department.
And now I’m a UX Designer. I almost forgot… I’m also a qualified barber!
Transitioning into UX Design was a very natural progression for me as UX embodies many elements of teaching including empathy, being adaptable and a creative problem solver, and understanding the needs and motivations of others. 
As a UX Designer, I’m interested in creating meaningful products with purpose that make positive contributions to the lives of others.
That’s Diego with me in my picture, he’s my little Boston Terrier, I take pictures of him all the time, if you want to see them click here!

A timeline of my experiences:

My Personal Values

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”

Salvador Dali