AL The Journey FI
This was the project I completed as part of the UX Fundamentals course with Career Foundry.  The project was to design an app to empower people to learn about a new topic.  I decided to design an app to help users learn more about art.
After carrying out my competitive analysis which was mainly of apps to learn a new language I decided to speak to foreign language teachers for advice, I also decided talking to art teachers would be helpful as well, interestingly all teachers I spoke to said to make the app successful it will need to meet different learning styles

The Challenge

I realised early on my challenge was going to be designing an app that users would want to come back to every day to learn about a topic they’re interested in.
To help I decided to talk to my teacher friends which led to the realisation that the main challenge for the app and the key to making the users come back every day would be to give users the control over their learning by designing an app that catered for different learning styles.
My initial ideas was to give the users a variety of options to meet the different learning needs, I decided the app would use various teaching methods as well as giving the user various learning options.
I started producing the user journeys and flows for the various options,  but the app was becoming too complicated. To solve this problem I decided to turn to my own teaching knowledge, I explored the idea of thinking of the app as a revision tool, I thought about the ways I help my students revise for exam and realised I always tell them to keep it simple, but I still advise them to use different revision techniques to make sure they are learning in the style that suits them.  This was the solution to my main problem.
The project wireframes.

The Solution

The app would have one main teaching method, but it would give the user a set number of techniques to learn.  I made the following decision:
– The user can decide how many pieces of art they want to learn about each day
– If the user knows enough about the art, they can decide not to study it anymore
– If the user doesn’t know enough about the art, they can decide to come back to it
– The user can choose to learn more about each painting
– The user has the option of selecting a specific study topic
– The user has the option of setting their own study goals
Me & my friend at the Saatchi Gallery.

Other Challenges

Getting the language right to make it simple and clear – the language for the onboarding wasn’t clear enough, and there wasn’t enough explanation for the ‘study category’ section.
Getting the right balance of information and facts about each piece of art – initially, each piece of art had three facts, the users felt they needed more than facts, they wanted an explanation as well.
The ‘learn more’ section was lacking clarity – the users weren’t clear about the purpose of the ‘learn more’ section and as a result, weren’t using it.
Achievements section wasn’t giving the user enough control – users felt they needed more options in setting personal goals and also to be able to change it an anytime.
That’s me working very hard!

What I’ve Learnt

– I have learnt that meeting a challenge that initially seems to be very big and complicated doesn’t necessarily need a complicated solution.
– I’ve also learnt that my own personal knowledge, skills, and experiences as a teacher are very transferable to UX and I should confidently apply them to my work.